Taking Inventory


Currently, I have 55 copies of That’s All I Got! in my personal inventory. These copies would like to be purchased (adopted) into your hands or to someone you know who may be interested in this book hands.

Please contact me at kevoss@earthlink.net if you’re interested in owning or gifting a copy of That’s All I Got!.

If you currently own a copy and read the book, please review it on Amazon.com.

Thank You!


Climbing Higher

In the last few weeks, I’ve personally sold book numbers 101 and 102. Book number 102 went to a friend of mine after we watched the South Shore Frolics Fireworks at South Shore Park last night. Book number 101 has a story to share.

I attended a Sunday morning yoga class at the Downtown Milwaukee YMCA. We had a sub for class that day. I really enjoyed the class and talked to the instructor after class ended. We started talking about journeys and I shared the concept of That’s All I Got! with her. She became interested in my book and told me she’d buy a copy. I always travel with a few copies of my book in the car and since we had parked near each other and she had the cash, she bought a copy. I handed her a small stack of postcards for her to put out at the gym she works at and then she suggested having a book signing event at the gym in Cedarburg later this summer. Wow! Talk about a great encounter!

There’s always opportunities to share my journey available, but you never know who cares enough to listen. They did, will you?

How procrastination worked…once

Saturday, January 31, 2015 started out like any other Saturday. I lounged around, waiting for my magical self to work on chores, run errands, and have one last workout at the South Shore Y. I dawdled like no one else can. Sure, a couple of things got done like chatting with friends, watching TV, tossing in a load of laundry, and cruising the couch. Finally, I decided to finish getting ready and get a move on because the time for the SSY to close its doors and the whirlpool to close even earlier crept closer.

Before I left, I checked the mailbox even though it seemed too early for the Saturday mail to arrive. Bad thought on my end because they mail had arrived including my newest royalty check. I thought, great I can take this to the bank since it’s open until 4pm. First, I made a copy of it (for keepsake purposes since it closed out 2014) and headed out. I didn’t know what lay ahead.

Most people don’t realize the afternoon hours of the bank on Saturday and yet today the line inside wove. I waited and when my turn arrived I mentioned about depositing my royalty check. Now most tellers and bankers there know I’m an author and a couple go on to ask how sales are. I tell them. So today, my teller expressed her congrats, but the best part wasn’t expected. As I left the bank talking to someone who I hadn’t seen there before, I told her how everyone knows about my book and told her the details. I didn’t realize I had been talking to the District Manager who accepted my business card and said she’d have to look it up. I thanked her before we went separate ways.

Now who knew procrastinating would have a reward.

5 short of 100!

Today, I personally sold book number 95!

There’s a story on how it came about to sell this special number. On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, an announcement came through the media and mail that the South Shore Y(MCA), the one place that changed my life forever, is closing at the end of day on January 31, 2015. The news hit everyone hard especially those who have been members for a long time (it opened in 1974) or have a success story (like myself) or memories to share (OK everyone both young and old have been affected by this news).

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, I headed to the South Shore Y for my workout and encountered many familiar faces of people who used to work at this Y. Some were there for CPR re-certification and other helping out this week during week one of chaos. One of the faces turned out to be a friend of mine. As we talked, I knew she hadn’t purchased a copy of That’s All I Got! because I haven’t seen her in a great while. I knew that I’d see her today while I spent time volunteering, so we arranged for her to buy a copy of the book, signed of course. Thank you Tabitha for purchasing the sale of number 95.

There’s a good chance that number 96 will get a home this weekend. Maybe the other four will get new homes too.