5 short of 100!

Today, I personally sold book number 95!

There’s a story on how it came about to sell this special number. On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, an announcement came through the media and mail that the South Shore Y(MCA), the one place that changed my life forever, is closing at the end of day on January 31, 2015. The news hit everyone hard especially those who have been members for a long time (it opened in 1974) or have a success story (like myself) or memories to share (OK everyone both young and old have been affected by this news).

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, I headed to the South Shore Y for my workout and encountered many familiar faces of people who used to work at this Y. Some were there for CPR re-certification and other helping out this week during week one of chaos. One of the faces turned out to be a friend of mine. As we talked, I knew she hadn’t purchased a copy of That’s All I Got! because I haven’t seen her in a great while. I knew that I’d see her today while I spent time volunteering, so we arranged for her to buy a copy of the book, signed of course. Thank you Tabitha for purchasing the sale of number 95.

There’s a good chance that number 96 will get a home this weekend. Maybe the other four will get new homes too.

En route!

Earlier today, I received an email from my Kira from my publisher, Henschel Haus Publishing, with this exact wording, “Books have shipped – I’ll keep you posted as to when they arrive … YAY!” Could I have gotten more excited, oh yes I could and can and did. My response included, “Oh goody goody gumdrops!! ”

My excitement of course, couldn’t be contained so I shared the news with a few people. I also updated my Facebook status to read, “The first run of books are en route to Milwaukee!”

I hope work is busy for the next couple days so my mind isn’t entirely focused on receiving word that the books are here.

Excitement builds.