Thoughts vs Memories

We all have them. We all have thoughts. We all have memories. Having a thought can lead to creating a memory. Reflecting on memories creates more thoughts. Can you have one without the other? Would you choose to? Would you care to?

One day, I had a thought to write a story. After I complete the story, I read it to people and someone thought the story could become a book. I thought, “yeah, right”. I wrote the book. The book contains memories, good and bad, but it also creates thoughts in others. Thoughts that can help other people heal and gain knowledge. When you have knowledge, you have the power to educate and when you educate others you can help change the world and yourself. Now some people think that me writing the book postponed my forward progress when in reality it pushed my progress forward. Writing, That’s All I Got!, promoted healing in a relaxed and therapeutic way. I wouldn’t have been able to write the book if I hadn’t moved forward in my healing. I wonder if the people who think I haven’t moved forward are the ones who haven’t whether they’re attached to my journey or not.

I’ve come to enjoy the song, “The Magic Store” in the finale of The Muppet Movie. The song talks about creating your story with your own ending. If we’re lucky our journey doesn’t end until God calls us home. Keep creating memories that build from thoughts and take your journey far beyond what you think it could be.

So much happening…

In less than a week, so much has changed.

*I acquired another person to read and review for publication.
*I received the 2nd proofs and I had them printed and bound through my jobs print center.
*I’ve handed two of these copies out and emailed the PDF files to two other people.
*The date of publication has moved up by a month to the end of March.
*I booked the first of many (I hope) book signings!

Decisions, decisions

Who knew that when publishing a book, there’d be lots of decisions? From deciding on a book cover to choosing photos that require involvement in the book and that’s just now. First I had to decide if I liked the layout and fonts, chosen specifically for this book (or maybe not). It’s not just the design and layout.

While I’m working through my editing phase, I note that I have to choose chapter titles so they aren’t the generic chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. I’ll have to idea generate as I read through the chapters to decide on what to write.

For months and I mean many months, ideas on where to take my book once published keep arriving in my mind or through others. From bookstores to various cities for example, Big Rapids, MI where I went to school, are on the list. That’s All I Got has a home in Milwaukee, WI and the list of ideas grows monthly. Pretty cool, but then my brain tells me how much work this might be, but do I let it discourage me? Nope.

I had to choose people to review the book before it’s published. Each person I asked plays a different position in my journeys course and each one knows different parts of my progress, though none of them know the entire story. I’m thankful that each person excitedly agreed to read the book ahead of time and give a short review that will appear on the back cover.

A task given to me involved searching and choosing photos from our engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. The suggestion was six photos so I have nine. I had to decide which head shot photo to use. I had four retouched and from there I chose one for the book and the others for the blog and Facebook pages.

Lots of decisions made and more to come as the book progresses forward. Each detail has numerous pieces and each part has numerous ideas. I’m sure the most fun involves marketing and promoting. Keeping it simple, real, and cost-effective even though it could prove challenging. I’m up for the difficult tasks that arise.