Before I was an author…

Recently, I started listing the stories and my book for a writing resume. I remembered that years ago, I had a couple of poems published in two anthologies for The International Library of Poetry as part of a course I took through them; somewhere I have all of the material from that course. Both compilation books published in 2001 and I have copyrights on them. I took the books off the shelf and read the poems not knowing the would have true meaning 16 years later and even before.

It Would Be Me published in Timeless Mysteries, March 28, 2001

The Path published in The Language of Memory, November 30, 2001

One Year Ago…

On March 28, 2014, I obtained the first copies and the first order of That’s All I Got! from my publisher. With life bustling around me, I almost forgot the one year anniversary of becoming a published author. A definite milestone in the publishing world. I’m two copies away from personally selling 100 books (I have a home inventory that’s yearning to dwindle).

In the past year, I’ve traveled locally for many book events and one event out-of-state near my college alma mater, Ferris State University. It’s been quiet for a while now, but since spring has arrived, new life and energy grows branches leading me to new possibilities.

Voss front cover



That’s All I Got
Thrival: A Widow’s Journey After Suicide
by Karen E Voss

After many hours, weeks, and months of writing, editing, and revising, the day has arrived where I can hold the finished book in my hands. I received the first copy gift wrapped, it’s a present after all, a dream that has come true.


Published Author


First Copy


The day has arrived for my books to arrive! Earlier today I received an email saying that they have arrived. I knew it would be today at some point, but I didn’t know what time of day. While I’m unable to actually touch them until Friday morning at 9am due to scheduling, I’m psyched!

When I read the email, my eyes began to water before a few tears shed. The tears represented happiness, accomplishment, and achieving a dream. I am an author!

Now available for Kindle!

I’m published for Kindle!

I didn’t think this occurred until the paperback became available. Not true since it showed up last night. I knew yesterday afternoon that it had been making its journey to Amazon. I looked for it last night and saw it, but I didn’t choose to share it until this morning when more people would see my posting on Facebook.

It’s exciting that’s for sure. I’m full of energy and in a very good mood. I can only imagine what I’ll be like when I’m holding the paperback copy in my hands.

That’s All I Got on Kindle

Full Speed Ahead!

Following months of proofs and corrections, there’s light at the end of this tunnel. As like the synopsis of the book, editing can take on its dark days, but there’s hope that things will turn out right.

Last Friday, I sent in the last of the corrections. The next stage included having the electronic book turn electronic, in other words converted to an eBook format for Kindle. Then on schedule having the electronic copy sent off to the printer, for you guessed it, book printing!

Over the weekend, I worked on home projects while trying to keep my mind from wondering if the electronic copy got submitted to the printer. I figured it wouldn’t be until today, however, excitement hides logic. I learned this afternoon that indeed, the book became suitable for Kindle and that the book headed to the printer this afternoon. I also found out that a few minor errors received correcting. I guess they didn’t cease upon my approval.

Now I wait for less than two weeks. During this time, I have plenty to keep my mind occupied including completing the Iron Idleman month long competition at my YMCA and working on other projects at home. I plan to start gearing up for my first book signing events. I do know, my excitement hasn’t stopped building and very soon I can say that I’m a published author.