Reaching for milestones

Two days this week of book milestones!

Wednesday night, April 30th, at a YMCA book signing, I sold my 50th copy and 9 more. On Thursday, May 1st, I sold the 60th copy to my godfather who lives in Minnesota plus one more that he purchased for me to donate to the library of my choice.

On Thursday, May 1st, the mail revealed an envelope from my publisher. It only took me a minute to realize what it contained; my first royalty check. Whoo Hoo! My first royalty check! I took a look and grinned ear to ear. I made a copy of the check before I took it to the bank today.

Last week, I gifted a book to my cousin after another cousin referenced in my book passed away in Heaven so technically that book made #50. While my cousin isn’t physically here, she’s here with me while I write and in the memories I hold in my heart.

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