A Month In

It’s been almost a month since That’s All I Got showed its face around town. There’s been a good response and I’m one book away from selling my first 50 personally! My cousin’s wife who mentioned in the book passed away last week and she never got to see it so I chose to gift a copy to my cousin at the funeral home last night. Yesterday morning, my other blog, Inspiring Thru Thought, published the tribute I wrote for her, In Memory of an Author, that’s received a positive response both in comments on facebook and in person. I knew my book could help inspire others, but I never thought a blog post could touch so many lives. This leads me believe that I have a knack to help others.

I’m currently in the process of getting That’s All I Got approved by AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) in the coming months. I’m confident it’ll pass inspection and then I can send it to other markets/areas to help others. In the meantime, I have three upcoming events; two of which are at the South Shore YMCA here in Milwaukee and one at my church dinner. All of these events are listed on this blogs main page and through EventBrite. Exciting times!

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