Excitement in the Air

If you’ve ever waited for something big to occur, then you know the feelings that go along with it. While excitement builds, other feelings play into it. To say I’m giddy and hyped up would definitely be an understatement. Each time I share details of my book progress, my grin appears bigger and my eyes wider. I receive ideas from things I read and from speaking with people.

The other night at an event, someone asked me what comes to mind when I hear the word passion. My immediate response: writing. When asked more about it and why, I had a mouthful to share. I want my thoughts conveyed through writing to inspire others. I want to shed light to people at the end of a very dark tunnel after suicide or any tragedy; it’s the purpose of my book. I want to help others at a personal level.

It’s exciting to feel momentum build knowing I can help many.

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