Gifts for Christmas

Recently, this poem, written for Russ’s prayer service 10 years ago by a dear friend, came to mind and I had to read it again. I wanted to share it with my readers and hadn’t put it up. After hearing the homily at mass on Sunday, once again I was reminded of how each of us can be a gift this Christmas season, not only now, but throughout the entire year. Please enjoy the following poem, “Gifts”, and think about its meaning.

By James W. Hermann

Let us be gifts to one another
This Christmas season
Not the kind under the tree
Not the kind that is a surprise waiting inside wrapped packages.
Not something we shake before opening to speculate the contents
Not something we wish for from Santa.
Or something that comes from a retail store.
Let us not be a fad, or a gadget or a something that someone had to stand in line for
Or worst of all something that was returned the next day

Let us Be, Let us BE.
Let us be the kind of gift that comes from our heart
That comes from our time
That comes from our soul
That comes from our strength
Let us be the gift of ourselves for those who need us.

Let us be Russ’ kind heart
Lets us turn to Faith
Let us be his humility
Let us be his quirky jokes
Let us be unassuming and gentle
Let’s us be like Russ and be everything we can be without asking for anything in return

Let us be what Russ was to us – Let us BE that for each other

Copyright 2008, 2014

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